What We Do

Every person deserves the resources and opportunities to reach their full potentials. GEM Advisers is first and foremost a non-profit community development facility that aims to service organizations that serve Allah. We seek to provide a platform for organizations and individuals alike to use as a base, and grow in strength and leadership. GEM develops the community through consultancy, mentorship, and self-run programs that are made to last.

We focus on youth development and community development by providing counseling to individuals to create a cycle of growth. Our current programs include our Mentorship Program, career counseling, college readiness (SAT prep), supporting education of women and children in Pakistan, India, and Kenya, and networking events to help people in industry-specific jobs.

GEM also provides consultations to charity institutions as well, navigating tricky waters for projects and executing the project accordingly. GEM serves as a guiding source for the community’s most vulnerable groups through facility developments, land use matters, governance, streamlining existing institutional operations, as well as running programs on the ground. This includes providing connections to organizations like McKenzie & Bain for strong accounting advice and sound knowledge.


We aim to develop the community and youth through engaging programs and consulting.


Strong, engaged muslims building communities and leading the next generation and building communities.


Help individuals grow into their purpose and potential.

Impact Statement

The GEM of Greater New York serves nearly 500,000 New Yorkers annually, including those who live in vulnerable and under-resourced communities.

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GEM Advisers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Tax ID# 83-4288838